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"The coaching with Evie has allowed me to look at each situation or relationship from different perspectives as I was quite narrow minded when first starting out and often couldn’t see ‘the wood from the trees’. Although Evie did not tell me how to do this directly, nor what was right or wrong, but helped guide me to find what I found to be a better position or for me to feel more comfortable.

Throughout our sessions, we were always clear of what the goal was that we were trying to achieve. Although sometimes I found this difficult i.e. the specific goal setting, overall I could see that it was the best way to approach the sessions and ensure I found benefit from them, as well as giving me something to work on over the coming days.

The sessions allowed me to grow in confidence in my own values and opinions as I left not feeing as un-sure of how to approach different situations as I would have been previously and used the tools we discussed in the sessions in other parts of my life where I probably would not have done before as I wouldn’t have known how to." (Liz L.)


I believe Evie is an excellent life coach and I’m not just saying that. She has opened my eyes to a whole new side of me that I didn’t know existed. One that is more focused and in control due to the simple aspect of setting short term and long term goals that are S.M.A.R.T. She has helped me to understand the steps that’s needed to reach a goal and that problems or issues along the way are not negative but challenges that can be overcome using simple techniques. She has made me look at things differently and has helped me to be more positive by not focussing on the negative. I am able to take a step back at situations that arise in and outside of work and am able to approach it with more success than I would have otherwise. Evie in her short time has helped me to be a better communicator and a more goal orientated person. Evie’s approach was one that was full of energy, praise and direction. I would recommend her and her techniques to anyone who’s interested in gaining control and having a clear direction in their life. Excellent sessions with excellent outcomes! (Mostofa U.)



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"Having a Coach over the last 6 weeks has really made a massive impact in my personal and interpersonal skills as I have learnt many new things which I can use and apply in scenarios which I thought was not possible. With the help of Evie I was managed to overcome some of my fears by enabling her ways of methods and introducing them in my lifestyle. And yes it has made a change for the better as I am doing things much more efficiently in my day to day lifestyle and work ethic. Having a coach like Evie has its benefits as her way and the methodologies she uses are quick and easy as once you get used to it you can do it again and again and again. Its so simple that you can apply it in various situations and do it differently as how you would normally do. So Thank you Evie for the 6 weeks of coaching as I have learnt a lot form you!"

(Mohammed A.)