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If you are a Business Owner, or planning to start your own Business, you are among the most passionate, driven, creative and hard working individuals on the planet looking for self-actualisation. It is a fulfilling, rewarding job, and at times it can be a lonely one too.


How can I help you?


As your Business Coach, I will be your confidential sounding board, providing a font of reality, awareness and clarity, giving you the space to think, focus and be creative, helping you to find effective solutions to your concerns and challenges.


I will help you recognise blind spots that you may or may have not realised were holding you back from performing at your best. I will also help you understand yourself and the people you work with better.


In our sessions, besides discussing your goals, dreams and challenges, I will give you relevant tools and techniques to bring the learnings easier to life through practical application and measurable results.


How valuable would it be to you, if I provided you opportunity to...


- spend less time working in your Business and more time on it

- make more profit in less time

- renew the vision for your Business and your passion

- access more customers

- more focused strategies

- better team structure, roles and responsibilities

- clarity on where your Business is heading


Some of the areas I could help you with include


- External and internal influences

- Time management, prioritisation

- Relationship management

- Performance management

- Behaviours, state management

- Confidence

- Vision & Operational plans

- Strategies

- Work/Life Balance

- Stress Management, Health & Wellness


I am based in Guildford, UK, and offer one-to-one coaching in person, over the phone and by Skype. For further details, please contact me at Thank you.

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