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By Evie Boros, Feb 20 2014 11:03AM

Choosing coaching for your personal development means taking responsibility for your own growth and happiness. The word "responsibility" suggests "being able to respond". In this context it is about being able to respond to your life situations, learning from feedbacks, and moving forward with a better understanding of what you and your environment need. It also means treating with attention and respect what is important to you and those around you.

Coaching can be tremendously valuable in helping achieve your goals, however it is important to note that it needs YOU; the one in the driver’s seat to take actions. It will usually help with understanding your current situation, clearing the mind around any confusions, treating limiting beliefs and opening up blockages. Still it needs a willingness to be open minded and allow changes to take place in terms of thinking patterns, strategies, attitudes, so that what you have re-discovered through your coaching experience can be integrated into your life in order to achieve your goals.

Coaching is not a quick fix, it is a commitment to pay forward for your own growth and happiness. Naturally this is an ongoing process and as your progress continues, you will find that you deal with your life-situations better than you have ever dealt before, being more in control, performing more often at your best, having more energy and being more in touch with yourself, others and the World.

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