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Evie is a Personal Performance & Development coach helping individuals from different walks of life both in the UK and internationally. She qualified through The Coaching Academy in 2012.


In her sessions she offers a combination of proven coaching tools and techniques, energy-work and NLP to help individuals become happier, healthier and more fulfilled in their personal and professional lives. She continuously develops her expertise by attending training courses, workshops and various events. She integrates the most up-to-date methods into her coaching practice. Evie is an NLP Practitioner and Reiki Master too.


Coming into Coaching with an educational background in International Studies and Business Management, and 10 years of experience working with several organisations of different sizes, she understands the challenges that many of us deal with on a day to day basis in our competitive and volatile social and economic environments. Now, there is a need more than ever to empower ourselves and our children in order to succeed.


With Evie's help you will enjoy discovering what makes you unique and powerful, through her method of engaging the mind and the heart you will apply simple and powerful techniques that you need to successfully accomplish your goals and life purpose, whilst implementing the sense of accountability that keeps you on track.


Evie has a vision that everyone does what they love! She truly believes that we all have the right and potential to achieve this. When you devote yourself to the things you love, through the feeling of love, which is the highest frequency you can send out, you draw wonderful things into your life.


She is dedicated and passionate to helping raise the public awareness about the great benefits of coaching and endeavour to make them available to everyone. She is involved in leadership development programmes supporting and developing young people to become the next generation of effective leaders across the private, public and voluntary sectors.


Evie is originally from Hungary, she lives in Guildford, UK. She promotes health and well-being, she enjoys exercising, running and yoga. She loves travelling. She speaks English, Hungarian and Italian.


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