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How can I help you?


We all know how changes in life can affect us; even the smallest ones can be uncomfortable. Changes require courage, determination and focus especially to keep the momentum on. We may start out with great enthusiasm only to run into our own excuses and slip back where we were; to our comfortable but unsatisfying place. If only I had more willpower! - we often say. However, soon we realise it is more to that, and willpower on its own is not enough to bring about successful changes.


With my coaching I can help you to make those changes more comfortable for you, be it personal or professional. The thing is change in one area probably impacts other areas in your life too, as well as your environment. Therefore, we will take a holistic approach and besides the conscious thoughts we will also look at underlying emotions and past unconscious associations attached to goals, in combination with some extra tools, in order to make change possible or happen.


What will you get from coaching with me?


People get many different things depending on where they are in their life and where they want to go. You may be looking to improve your performance in your current job, or to plan your journey to make a step up. Perhaps you want to bring about a complete change in one or more areas of your life, or you may want to make improvements in your relationships, habits or behaviours, or just want to gain an understanding of what your purpose is in life, to name a few scenarios.


Working with me developing strategies and techniques that suit you best, you will benefit from the ability to be at your best more often, gain better clarity, make better decisions, learn approaches to respond better to challenging life situations and explore ways to take actions that work best for you.


Some of the areas I could help you with include

- career

- self-esteem, confidence

- gaining clarity

- motivation/energy level

- stress reduction

- developing new habits

- improving relationships, building trust on all levels

- managing own emotional state

- developing positive mental attitude

- managing time effectively and efficiently

- setting, planning and achieving purposeful goals

- developing character to live a purposeful life

- health/wellbeing, work/life balance


I am based in Guildford, UK, and offer one-to-one coaching in person, over the phone and by Skype. For further details, please contact me at Thank you.

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